Thomas Swan为橡胶加工和聚合物行业开发了一系列粘合剂。Casabond™系列包括用于高性能金属橡胶和纺织橡胶应用的橡胶粘合剂。产品包括复合物使用的间苯二酚/硬脂酸混合物、用于溶剂粘合剂的活性异氰酸酯和用于RFL的酚醛缩合物。


CasabondTM Product Code1200 PR05141201 PR05261202 PR05261203 PR0967TX PR0328TXE PR0434E PR0339E-LA PR0975
ChemistryPre-dispersed resorcinol in a fatty acid matrixSolution of Polymeric isocyanateAqueous solution of phenolic condensate
Physical FormRed-brown, free-flowing flakesLow viscosity liquidLow viscosity liquid
Activity75% resorcinol66% resorcinol60% resorcinol80% resorcinol50% solids in xylene50% solids in ethyl acetate20% solids
Typical Dispersion Temperature90°Cn/an/a
Typical Loading3 to 4 phr5 to 40 wt% in rubber adhesive25-35 wt% in RFL
20 wt% in textile dipping10% in RFL
Typical Cure Temperature150°C to 165°Cn/a230°C to 240°C
SDS LabellingNot classified
Standard Packaging25kg sacks with maximum 500kg per pellet50kg drums with max 450kg per pallet200kg drums with max 800kg per pallet
Recommended Shelf-Life24 months12 months12 months
Product AdvantagesPre-dispersed resorcinol offers the rubber compounder enhanced handling and improved dispersion, together with reduced energy consumption, faster production and reduced fuming.High-solids isocyanate solutions, offering excellent adhesion to a broad range of textiles, metals and elastomers.Water-based, user-friendly RFL additives for enhanced bond-strength. May be used in a single or double-dip and as solutions, offer resistance to settling. E-LA is low ammonia variant.